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“I don’t often write reviews, but my experience over a dozen years with Dr. Erik Wipf merits an exception. At 70+ years of age, having lived in NYC, Los Angeles, and now Santa Barbara County, I have experienced my share of dentists—most, I’m happy to say, good and some even excellent. But I’ve not had a dentist that I trusted as much as I do Erik.

From my perspective as a patient, his technique and knowledge are outstanding, and I have never experienced discomfort in his chair or less than an excellent result in any procedure he has undertaken. His manner is invariably calm and comforting, he takes time to clearly explain findings and treatment options, and I never feel that I am being ‘sold’ or pushed into a procedure that isn’t necessary or one that I am not comfortable with.

Erik makes certain he is current on the latest advances in the field and, while he is a perfectionist who takes great pride in (and clearly enjoys) his work, if he feels there is a less costly yet still reasonable approach to a problem, he will invariably present it and discuss what he believes are the pros and cons. His office is bright, clean, and well-maintained; the equipment up to date and often cutting edge; and the office staff are efficient and highly professional, yet welcoming and accommodating. Most have been with Dr. Wipf for many years. I have no hesitation in recommending Dr. Wipf and truly do not believe anyone seeking a dentist in or around Santa Barbara could do better.” — Andrew P., 4/26/16

“What an amazing dentist! Dr. Erik Wipf and his staff are very friendly and passionate about their work and greeted me as if I’d been a client for years. The office is beautiful, clean, modern, and updated. I came in last week for a root canal at 8:30 a.m. and immediately upon arrival walked in and was taken to the back to the examination room. The doctor and staff are very good about their schedule, yet still take the needed time to handle procedures in a professional and courteous manner. I will definitely continue to make the trek from Las Vegas with friends and family for any future procedures, should they arise. When you’ve experienced the best, absolutely no other dentist practice will do.” — Rolland W., 3/22/16

“Excellent dental care by Dr. Wipf and his staff! I started going there 35 years ago, then moved to Los Angeles 32 years ago. I still drive all the way up there for my dental appointments since, once you have the perfect provider who you completely trust, why risk going elsewhere?” — Bill W., 3/19/16

“I like to go where I feel like the people I have working on me really know what they are doing, are professional, and actually care about your well-being. I get that from Dr. Wipf and his staff and highly recommend his office to everyone needing any level of dental work.” — Larry W., 3/9/16

“Best dentist I’ve been to in my life. Everything was quick and painless, while still feeling like they were not trying to force you to push another appointment out. I would recommend to anyone here in Santa Barbara or within driving distance.” — Jon C., 2/18/16

“I needed a new dentist this month and chose Dr. Wipf because my wife told me how wonderful he is treating the developmentally disabled adults that she works with. He was able to squeeze me in for a consult before the holidays because of the pain I was experiencing, and schedule me for the procedures I needed. Dr. Wipf very clearly explained my options, why he thought I needed them done, and what I could expect. He is very kind and I feel at ease knowing he will take good care of my dental needs.” — T.A., 12/14/15

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